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Paper may work well in an office environment, but not in the field. Filling in, chasing after, and storing safety paperwork is one of the most frustrating and value-destroying tasks; on top of that, not getting it right poses substantial risks. Having your workforce remove safety paperwork optimizes the safety process. SafetyTek does this with the following features:

Mission Control Dashboard

The dashboard serves as quick tool to access all of the latest form submissions that have come in from your workforce on your news feed. Whether it’s from projects, sites, crews, fleet vehicles, or users, you will have a birds eye view of it all. If you are looking for something specific you may search for it using the search bar on top. Your dashboard also allows you to access Actions that are related to you, store your forms that you access the most as a Favourite, and view any notifications that you need to see.

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Live Audits and Incident Management

Perform workplace/contractor audits live on phones, tablets, and computers. Assign corrective actions as you make observations and apply penalties to dangerous observations. Upload/Attach photos directly to observations and create notes to recall observation circumstances.

Track incidents with the SafetyTek incident management system. Connect form submissions, such as witness statements, incident reports, and workers compensation documents directly to case numbers. Assign action items to any user and track them from the actions dashboard and the incident management system.

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Filling out Digital Safety Forms

Filling out a form, such as a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA), on SafetyTek.
Once you’re happy with the information entered on the form it’s time for the form to be submitted. Selecting the green submit button from the top bar of the form will gather all of the submission data, update the news feed, and generate the PDF of the form.
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Cloud Based File System

The SafetyTek file system is very powerful. It stores all PDF versions of your filed forms and is capable of storing all of your safety reference documentation. Upload safety manuals, MSDS’s, legislation handbooks, or work procedures for specific staff members or all of them. Locate historical form submissions with a search and either open, download, or email that PDF. Invite an auditor into your account to prepare and perform safety audits. In preparation, periodical review of any form is efficient and simplified to make sure you’re ready.
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Corrective Actions

Potentially unsafe conditions occur all the time. Now you need to manage them. With SafetyTek’s action items you can define who is in charge of correcting the condition, follow up on whether or not it has been completed, and get alerted on the status of that action item. Closing the loop on action items is a key component to ensuring a safe workplace. Too many open action items is a main leading indicator that an incident may occur very soon.
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Training Matrix

SafetyTek has a better way to manage your employee training. The training matrix is available from the supervisor dashboard. It allows Supervisors to view their company training requirements to see any GAPs in training that need to be filled.
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Offline Functionality

This is a major update for the mobile forms industry. Companies no longer need to outfit their workforce with cell connected tablets to fill out paperwork digitally. Now with SafetyTek offline functionality you can download required forms to your device to fill out wherever your job may take you.
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Collaborative Checklists

Build checklists on your profile and invite other workers to share them while you work. Did you start a job and now you’ve been called to another one? Share your checklist with someone else and let them take over for you.
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