Looking for COR or SECOR Certification for your company?

Let SafetyTek help you. You can now obtain COR and SECOR certification and deploy your custom tailored safety plan digitally from the start. This can and will expedite the process of preparing your safety program.


No need for a safety binder with a cloud based file system.


Track all of your company training using our online training matrix.


Close the loop on corrective actions using action items to assign tasks.


Online training courses to satisfy COR requirements.

Would you like COR but don’t want the paperwork?

Filling out a form, such as a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA), on SafetyTek.
Once you’re happy with the information entered on the form it’s time for the form to be submitted. Selecting the green submit button from the top bar of the form will gather all of the submission data, update the news feed, and generate the PDF of the form.

Training Reports

SafetyTek has a better way to manage your employee training. The training matrix is available from the supervisor dashboard. It allows Supervisors to view their company training requirements to see any GAPs in training that need to be filled. Sort any training certificates to see expiration

Close the loop
on corrective actions

Potentially unsafe conditions occur all the time. Now you need to manage them. With SafetyTek’s action items you can define who is in charge of correcting the condition, follow up on whether or not it has been completed, and get alerted on the status of that action item.

Store all of your reference
documentation in the cloud

Say bye to your safety binder. The SafetyTek file system is very powerful. It stores all PDF versions of your filed forms and is capable of storing all of your safety reference documentation. Upload safety manuals, MSDS’s, legislation handbooks, or work procedures for specific staff members or all of them.

Save Lives, Save Limbs, Save Money

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