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In the construction industry, everything has evolved due to advances in technology. As those advancements are made, daily tasks on a construction site become much simpler. So why is it that safety has not made that transition?


Craig realized that as a safety officer all of his time was spent chasing paperwork. 

In late 2013 Ryan and Craig founded the company to fix safety paperwork.


SafetyTek signed our very first clients after going to market in March. Our client list consists of the Top General Contractor in Alberta, 5 of the top 10 roofing companies in Calgary, as well as 3 of the top safety consulting firms in Western Canada.


SafetyTek is proud to have a full client list of the top brands in Construction. We accept well over 2500+ daily form submissions and inspection, manage hudreds of thousands of incidents, and are ranked one of the Top 5 tech companies to watch in 2019!

Leadership Team

Ryan Quiring

Founder and CEO

Craig Fraser

Founder and Sales

Industry Partnerships 

Saskatchewan Construction Association

Provincial advocacy voice of Sask's dynamic construction industry.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta

Representing the interests of all Mechanical Contractors in the province of Alberta.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

The unified voice of the mechanical contracting industry with members of all sizes engaged in such disciplines as plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, controls systems, medical gases, welding, and fire suppression primarily within the industrial, commercial, institutional and service sectors. 

Verdantix EHS Research Firm

Through research and advisory services they help corporate managers, investors, technology executives and service firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions.


NVIDIA’s Inception program is a virtual accelerator program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment.

Alchemist Accelorator SanFransisco

Venture-backed business incubator focused on accelerating startups whose revenue comes from enterprises.

Co.Labs Technology Incubator Saskatoon

Co.Labs is a technology incubator that provides all the tools necessary to grow and scale a tech startup in Saskatchewan


National telecommunications company providing a wide range of services throughout Canada and internationally

Our Story

In late 2013 Ryan was consulting as a functional safety engineer for an engineering firm developing real-time control systems for the oil and gas industry. He was a team lead implementing life safety systems to protect the oil extraction plants against run away processes using safe guards that are specified in international safety specifications, such as IEC61511. 

Craig was a safety manager in a the largest roofing company in Alberta. After working in the field as an industrial fire-proofer for 14 years. He realized one day that all he was really doing was traveling from site to site calling out workers that hadnt completed documentation. This means he would stop them from working and call them all into a impromptu safety meeting in order to highlight the hazards and controls. 

Craig felt this was all a cause of having a lack of information prior to arriving at site. He felt that if he knew what everyone had completed prior to arriving at site than the conversation would be much more arround re-enforcing safety as opposed to penalizing workers.

So Craig approached Ryan, knowing that he had built software for a living, to see if there was something we could put together to bridge the gap between the field and the office.

This was where SafetyTek was started. Ryan started using his Real-time control systems development background to apply it to user behaviour in order to gather documentation from the field. This resulted in our first version of the system which automatically collected field level data and stored it in a database as well as filing it into a cloud based file manager in PDF format, for archiving and distribution purposes.

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