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In the construction industry, everything has evolved due to advances in technology. As those advancements are made, daily tasks on a construction site become much simpler. So why is it that safety has not made that transition?

Original Concept by Co-Founders

October 2014

Commercial Launch and first client acquired

March 2015

Begin development of Version 2.0

October 2015

Double our current client list

February 2016

Launch SafetyTek 2.0

April 2016

35 years of construction experience

Combining our 35 years of construction experience and proficiency in advanced technology, we have developed a way for onsite workers to have an engaging and efficient way of meeting OHS compliance on a daily basis. At the same time, management at every level can have a clear and concise real-time view of all safety related documents at the touch of a button.

Eliminate your paperwork

At SafetyTek, our goal is to reduce or eliminate your safety paperwork. We have built an intuitive, easy-to-use software package that aligns with your current safety plan. Eliminating paperwork processes gives you more time, and we value your time. We want to see you spending time on activities that build your company’s Safety Culture such as creating Safety Initiatives to prevent incidents, rather than facilitate a reactionary environment where nothing is done until the unimaginable happens.

We want to give you the time needed to create positive relationships with your employees.
How can we do that? Let us show you…

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Ryan Quiring

President & CEO

Craig Fraser


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