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Simplicity is the best way to describe SafetyTek.

Simple to use.

Simple to submit forms.

Simple to access forms.

Simple to view data.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing includes all setup, training, tutorials, technical support, unlimited forms, unlimited form submissions, unlimited access, and no extra cost for storage.

One price for full access to our paperless safety management software. Lets keep it… simple. We charge $8/user/mo. Contact us for more details or try our calculator below.

See how your company can get setup

Want to know how much it will cost to
implement SafetyTek? How about we show you how
much you’ll pay if you don’t implement SafetyTek.

TRUE COST OF SAFETY PAPERWORK. Yes, Safety paperwork costs money. You need to purchase the paper, pay for the printing, pay for the shipping, and physically handle the logistics. But thats pales in comparison to your time. We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” but do we really believe it? Why do we insist on holding the blinders up to that saying when it comes to our time. We think its better if we just quickly do it.


In Safety, time is more than money. For every hour you spend scanning, printing, and filing paperwork, thats an hour that could be spent building company safety culture. Developing a safety initiative within your company, or even attending safety meetings with your workers to build a relationship with them. This is time well spent, however its difficult to see this as a tangible deliverable, so we’ve done the research and this is the actual cost of safety paperwork.


*Based on a labour rate of $25/hr to handle paperwork

Free Trial

Want to test out SafetyTek? Register for our free trial and see for yourself how SafetyTek can save you time and money by replacing your safety paperwork with digital forms that are accessed by any device, anywhere in the world.


By registering for the free trial on SafetyTek you will soon see how all of your safety forms are submitted directly to you through your news feed. Locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. You will also begin to see first hand how much time you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.