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A year of using SafetyTek has made us money.

Download and read this to fully understand all of the benefits of using SafetyTek. Learn the impacts of implementing our digital safety management system and the results which were realized after only 1 year of use. Save money up front by not having to actually pay for paper. Increase your safety culture by getting bye in from field staff as technology becomes more and more accepted.

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Tool 2.0 Features

Paper may work well in an office environment, but not in the field. Filling in, chasing after, and storing safety paperwork is one of the most frustrating and value-destroying tasks; on top of that, not getting it right poses substantial risks. Having your workforce remove safety paperwork optimizes the safety process. SafetyTek does this with the following features:


Take a look to see just how easy using SafetyTek really is.


Access on ANY device


Live Form submission


corrective actions


safety intelligence


The SafetyTek program has eliminated the fear of getting CoR certified 🙂

My crews find it easy to use. It eliminates all the paperwork & unnecessary man hours to keep CoR compliance. Best of all keeps us safe without cutting down productivity.

Time management, very little office time is invested in keeping this program going. I get CoR without the loss of productivity.

Ryan Demchuk

Owner of Solkor

Finally, Safety is not about chasing paperwork!

User friendly, GREAT customer service at an affordable price! Our staff have been very receptive to the program. All forms are submitted and filed in real time – so no need to drive around tracking down coffee-stained hazard assessments and scanning documents for hours. We have easily doubled our worker participation rate in the Safety Program since starting with SafetyTek. Workers can provide feedback on how to make forms more effective and the required changes can be made for use the same day!

The return on investment is great – far less labor required to manage and maintain a Safety Program with SafetyTek.

I highly recommend this company!

Marty Hilchey

Safety manager for Special Event Rentals

Safetytek is a Safety Coordinators best friend.
As the Safety Co-coordinator for IBP & IPS, I organize, monitor and maintain the safety forms and the basic safety standard that needs to be maintained by the 18 active crews with over 100 people across Western Canada.
The software provided has been user friendly for the crew to implement in the field as it is on their phones, this eliminates the risk of losing pieces of paper. Crews can now submit their safety forms in real time along with the ability to view the weather allowing for more accurate updating of the hazard assessments.
Craig Fraser has been a definite benefit in aiding us with the setup of all our safety forms and has been available to attend job sites to train myself and the foreman in proper administration to the crew regarding use of program.

Steve Auerbach

Safety Co-coordinator for Integrity Building Products
Great tool and Great Support

After reviewing at least 5 other potential providers software and a short trial with Safety Tek we fully implemented this software within weeks to a staff of 50+ people and so far we are achieving great success with this tool. Our staff have embraced it well and Safety Tek have been excellent to work with to make small customization where we needed it. Our only wish at this point would be to have a dedicated app for mobile phone devices which would make it much better for the users to manipulate rather than the web app. I understand this is in the wish list from Safety Tek so will be happy to see it one day. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who has a safety program and is still using paper. Features for both worker and management staff.

Tim Padfield

Owner - Pad-Car Mechanical Ltd
Great App for Construction. Exciting burgeoning company to be working with. An excellent very adaptable product with limitless potential. Fantastic support from people, not a machine. Looking forward to fine tuning to help communication, safety and information flow to new heights within our medium sized construction company.
Its ability to adapt to companies specific needs. Gets people going and reporting. Which is the main issue! Fantastic to have.

Ben Ohler

Owner of Rimrock Landscaping

“Working with Craig and Ryan to develop the features that fit our company needs has been very satisfying especially when it all starts to come together and work like we planned – it’s exciting to be a part of a ground floor program/company that we know will be the wave of the future and can’t wait to see and be a part of where it goes.
Central gathering of information eliminates travel/trips to just gather documents and gives our safety team more time to concentrate on what matters – more consistent and immediate reporting designed to fit our needs – universal and dynamic targeting of form distribution – built in reminders – access from anywhere with internet service – access to ongoing reports/statistics – we can modify the forms ourselves – responsibility for safety is in the hands of the correct individuals – the ability to download files and archive them on our server for reference & archiving is very important.”

Dan Root

Lear Construction Management Ltd.

“This is a great product, easy to use, cost effective and conveniently works on all platforms.  We have looked at a number of products like this over the years, but were never very impressed with the cost, ease of use or versatility of what we saw, so we never endorsed or recommended any of them. Craig and Ryan at SafetyTek have knocked it out of the park with this software, and we have wholeheartedly embraced this product and are happy to recommend it to our clients.”

Marcus Burn

COR Solutions

“Very user friendly, able to utilize with minimal training. Great software!
The functionality of the software is very simple and easy to use. Was able to train others with minimal technology background. The team at SafetyTek is great and always open to improving the software. Would highly recommend.”

Coltier Crier


“Our experience has been good so far just getting workers adjusted to doing everything online has been our only troubles. I like everything [about SafetyTek].”

Joanna Tomlinson

A. Leduc Developments

“On behalf of Skyline Building Envelope Solutions (CGY) Inc. I would like to recommend SafetyTek. We have used several Safety Software companies in the past that fell short of what we needed. We did a lot of research before committing to SafetyTek and found that many of the other companies did not offer everything that we needed or substantially exceeded our budget.”

Candace Collins

Skyline building envelope solutions


Safety Paperwork

Fill out and Access forms on Any device. Anytime. Anywhere.

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